Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New Releases this week

Monday's Imports

Long Blondes - Weekend Without Makeup (sgl)
Love Is All - Busy Doing Nothing (sgl)
Moloko - Catalogue (2cd special edition)
Morning After Girls - Shadows Evolve (ltd. ed.)
Beth Orton - Shopping Trolley #1 & #2 (sgls)
Suffrajets - Worthy (sgl)

Tuesday's Domestics
An Albatross - Blessphemy:Feast of the Peacegiver
India.Arie - Testimony:Vol.1 Life & Relationships
The Bittersweets - The Life You Always Wanted
Nick Castro - Come Into Our House
Cat Power - Could We? (sgl)
Dashboard Confessional - Dusk and Summer
Damien Dempsey - Shots
Dirt Bike Annie/Kung Fu Monkey - Wedding Split Ep (vinyl)
Dirty on Purpose - Hallelujah Sirens
The Fall - Are You Are Missing Winner?
The Fall - The Twenty-Seven Points
Four Tet - Dj Kicks
Genghis Tron - Dead Moutain Mouth EP (on Jealous Butcher)
Margo Guryan - Take Picture (vinyl)
Jolie Holland - Springtime Can Kill You (vinyl)
Hot Chip - Boy From School (cd sgl or 12")
Meg & Dia - What's This? A Fender Bender EP
Merzbow - Minazo
Mojave 3 - Breaking the Ice EP
Morrissey - The Youngest Was The Most Loved (sgl)
Norfolk & Western - A Gilded Age (on Jealous Butcher)
Pet Shop Boys - Fundamental (Ltd Ed)
Grant Lee Phillips - Nineteeneighties
Planningtorock - Having It All (on Chicks on Speed Records)


SL said...

Thanks very much for the list. I almost forgot about the Norfolk & Western!

Anonymous said...

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