Friday, June 02, 2006

One Hot Jew

Sarah Silverman is "the funniest woman in america" according to Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and me. You may remember her from School of Rock or her characters on Crank Yankers, and she's guest starred on many a show, including Seinfeld. Well, today check her out on NPR's Fresh Air. You can also go to Fresh Air's website and listen to the interview there. Undoubtedly, she'll be talking about her movie Jesus Is Magic that's coming out on dvd on Tuesday (06 June 06) and the show she's making for Comedy Central. Her humor slays me, and I hope you'll enjoy her, too.

I Love You More

Sarah on Conan O'Brien


Emergency999 said...

She is hilarious!! I loved her in "The Pizza" on Jimmy Kimmel's show, in the Aristocrats and on the Courtney Love Roast.

She is awesome!

cool clip, thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have had this DVD queued in Netflix for like 6 months!

Nice tip on the Fresh Air thing. Will listen now...

cc said...

Oh, yeah, was "the pizza" that take off on R. Kelly's "the closet" or whatever? I only saw part of it, but I so wished I'd had a tape in the vcr. It was hilarious. I think she might have been on the Pamela Anderson roast, too, but I haven't seen any of those, so thanks for reminding me 'bout 'em.

Cool, 'bout Netflix having it. I saw it at the theatre 3 times, so I think I'm gonna just buy it.

Haldan said...

I won sterogums contest to go to the premier of jesus is magic. I sat right across the isle from sararh, and met her afterwards. what a saucy girl.

Anonymous said...

she is lame