Monday, June 05, 2006

If You Live in SF, Be On the Lookout

Gossip's Hannah Blilie and her other band Shoplifting have become yet another band the victim of a major theft

From Shoplifting's myspace page:

" Friends, I'm sorry to say that once again we have been the victim of theft. This time a window on our van was smashed while it was parked on 17th and Guererro in San Francisco and the following items were stolen:

-Acoustic Control Corporation Model 150 Amp Head
-Acoustic Control Corporation Model 104 6X10" speaker cabinet
-Fender 75 Combo Amp with Celestion Vintage 30 1X12" speaker, green silkcreened grillcloth, fender logo covered with tape.
-Case with pedals: Electro Harmonix Micro Synthesizer in battered condition, Moogerfooger
-Ring Modulator, RAT distortion, Boss Stage Tuner, Danelectro Delay.
-Yamaha Portasound Keyboard with velcro on speakers.
-Bag with hi hat stand, cymbal stand, 2 snare stands, legs for floortom.
-Green, Brown and Silver ReLoad messenger bag with books, minidisc, cheap mics, personal efx.
-Tupperware bin with merch, est 100cd's including ep's, albums and a large quantity of the Zum Audio Volume 3 cd, 50 12"ep and lp, a few 7"s.
-personal Cd's in a large black CD book and a brown
-grey cloth CD book
-A faux tweed suitcase with books.

You can help by looking out for this stuff in shops or swap meets in SF/Bay Area or if you have photos of us playing with the amps clearly in the photo post them here so folks know what to look for. Thanks to Dave and Eric of Numbers and Rob of Grey Daturas we have enough borrowed gear to play the rest of the shows. Thanks for all your support. love, Devin and Shoplifting"

Please keep your eyes open fo their stuff if you live in the San Francisco area.

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