Friday, June 16, 2006

Dallas! Not the Mavericks

Here's a little sum-up of who I want to see who are coming to Dallas in the upcoming weeks, courtesy of NTX List:

June 21 - Man Man/Lovely Feathers @ The Cavern
June 21 - Beck/Jamie Lidell @ Nokia Theatre
June 21 - The Walkmen/Richard Swift/Talk Demonic @ Granada Theater
Oh man! To be three people!!!

June 23 - Futureheads/French Kicks@ Gypsy Tea Room

June 24 - Sonic Youth/Awesome Color/Apollo Sunshine @ Gypsy Tea Room

June 26 - Band of Horses/Mt Egypt/The Can't See @ Hailey's (Denton, you are too far)

June 30 - Sound Team/Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin @ The Cavern
June 30 - Tilly and the Wall/Now It's Overhead/David Dondero @ Hailey's

July 2 - Quintron & Miss Pussycat/Herry Merry @ Gypsy Tea Room

July 8 - Danielson @ Good Records (4pm)

Maybe I'll see you there? Sorry non-Dallas peeps, you are not invited. Unless you're visiting the fine metroplex soon.


jenny said...

When I saw "Pussycat" I thought it was going to say Pussycat Dolls, and I was going to lose all respect for you. But I think I will anyway with the NOT THE MAVERICKS. What the H do you mean by this?! Do you know me at ALL!?

Eric Grubbs said...

I may see you at the SOUND team show at the Cavern. I'll be the funny-lookin' guy with big ears.