Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Home Home Home

I have returned from California alive. It is possible. The 24 hour drives sandwiching stuck in traffic was pretty well worth a week off from work and blogging. A big ol' thanks to CC who's been keeping a hold down on this place while I was gone, since she wasn't able to go. She's come down with hives, so send her some good vibes. And then play Xiu Xiu's "Hives, Hives" and plenty of The Hives for her.

Here's some stuff from my inbox that I particularly like and think you ought to check out, okay? Okay. More details on stuff I've been digging later.

Ladyhawk-The Dugout

Razorlight-In the Morning

Regina Spektor-Samson (Quicktime high video)
I hope you went and bought Begin to Hope today! It's amazing and will not disappoint you. Check her out on Conan O'Brien tonight! Late notice, sorry.

Hard-Fi-Hard to Beat (Minotaur Shock remix) streaming Windows

Saturna-Pop Rocks

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