Monday, October 24, 2005

Version 4.0

So. Tomorrow The Fiery Furnaces release their new album Rehearsing My Choir. So. Today Pitchfork poo-poo'd the album and gave it a 4.0. Big difference from last year's Blueberry Boat. Is Pitchfork trying to show people they can be nice and mean at the same time? Wow that is a pretty good move. Now the question of whether people will buy this album, and like it. Is the Friedbergers' time in the spotlight dunzo? No I don't think so. Maybe everyone will see this as a one-off. Next year's Bitter Tea will surely bring them back the acclaim they won. Anyway I still like the new album. May not be on my year-end list as it faces a lot of heavy competition but I still love it cuz I love me from Friedbergers.

How 'bout you?

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