Monday, October 31, 2005

David Dondero

David Dondero might be on Conor Oberst's Team Love record label but he doesn't necessarily have to sound like him, does he? Well in some songs he does. If Oberst did I'm Wide Awake It's Morning without the quivering voice and with more country, David Dondero would come out lookin' like a copy-cat now wouldn't he? Dondero has Oberst's witty lyrics without the whining. And without the cocksure attitude too.
He's originally from Texas, actually. The album was recorded in Austin. Other people who play on the record include Eric Bachman of Crooked ingers, Mike Vasquez, Tom Heyman, Dan Carr, and Chris Heinrich. Read an interview with him at SCTAS.
Dondero's a great guy and his new album South of the South can be downloaded can be downloaded HERE. Do that and then buy the album when it comes out cuz you love indie culture. Or see him live. That's good too.

11/1-Playmakers Pavillion-Fargo ND
11/10-Univeristy of Iowa, Memorial Union-Iowa City, IA
11/11-Orpheum Theater-Omaha, NE
11/12-Jesse Auditorium-Columbia, MO
11/13-IU Auditorium-Bloomington, IN
11/16-Nolen Cole Gallery-Florence, AL
11/18-Gypsy Ballroom-Dallas, TX


Scott P. said...

I was fortunate and got south by south about a month before it hit, and over time your favorites change until you love every song on the album, ummm or maybe its just kinda my thing, great his other albums are great too.

jt said...

oberst has actually gone on record saying his singing voice is a copy of dondero, from when he had a band called sunbrain back in the mid-90s i believe.

Anonymous said...

I agree with jt
Conor copied Dave Dondero's voice style
Dave Dondero started back in 1993
When Conor was still recording in his basement.