Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Arcade Stevens Xmas

Okay so Christmas is comin' fast. Start making those end of the year best of lists and don't forget to make out that Christmas wish list. Well to celebrate, here are a couple albums to get you in the Decking of the Halls mood.

This Arcade Fire Christmas album made a lot of hullaballoo last year when people asked "is this serious?" The album is a bit of a joke but well worth having for the Arcade Fire must havers out there. Thanks to Against the Grain for pointing this out.

Download it here.

Now these are serious Christmas albums. Everyone overdosed on Illinois earlier this year but these Christmas EPs will put him back into rotation on your iPod or whatever you listen to music on. These are serious works unlike the Arcade Fire one, mixing classic Christmas songs with some of his own creations. These were available only on tour awhile back and aren't being sold anywhere. Enjoy em!

Download 'em here.

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