Thursday, October 20, 2005

Paper Cranes

I was lookin' at Pop Sheep's site and they had a link to a song by a band called The Paper Cranes. While looking around for shows in the SLC area I'd noticed there was a band opening for Numbers called Paper Cranes and it said they were local. So I thought I'd check out the mp3 Pop Sheep had up and see if they're any good.

Well they are really good! The song "I'll Love You Till My Veins Explode" sounds like ELO's "Mr Blue Sky" but sung by Win Butler. Yeah. Anyway I think it's pretty great, sort've like an upbeat, poppier Arcade Fire. So I thought, "This is awesome to have a good band from SLC to talk about on my blog!" Well I looked it up and there happen to be two bands called Paper Cranes (at least): one from SLC and one from British Columbia. Of course the good song was the work of Canadians.

Here's a couple more songs by the band available from their website. They're in the process of recording their debut EP with Howard Redekopp, who has worked with the New Pornographers(!!) and Tegan and Sara(!!!). Yeah. Should be good.

Loose Lips Sink Ships
I'll Love You Till My Veins Explode


topomodesto said...

"Mr Blue Sky" sung by Win Regine is right! I was thinking Modest Mouse's "World At Large" sung by Robert Smith. Good find.

Anonymous said...

you mean win butler?

Michael said...

ahahaha yes. I did mean that.

topomodesto said...

Ha. Yeah I didn't even catch that. I'm sure that's what he meant.

Anonymous said...

a different paper cranes played with numbers in slc.

Anonymous said...

I love Papercranes!! They have an amazing sound. They actually did some really awesome interviews that people should check out.