Monday, October 17, 2005


Clor is a British band, they got a rather good review/rating from Pitchfork, and they make danceable synth music with bizarre cover art. Sounds like they should be good enough to love, horrible enough for everyone to constantly blog about, right? Well, why aren't they? From what I've seen around they're getting little love. Their forum is next to empty and there are few mp3's floating about. I just don't get it. I got their self-titled album and I think it's great, probably good enough to fit on my year-end list.

Good Stuff (follow link)
Love + Pain (follow link)

Buy the album from Amazon.

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danny said...

i bought the album off a guy on ebay a couple months ago. wow - totally listenable. the song "gifted" is about the most painful "fuck you" to an ex-girlfriend i have heard in quite some time.