Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ben Krieger

Okay I was a little bit wary when I got an e-mail from New Yorker Ben Krieger who introudced himself to me and told me about his records. He has one EP, Now We Are Kissed, that he describes as a " ountry folk record." Okay that's cool. I like country folk. And his other album, Queen of the Ocean, Commander of the Sea which is a "prog-folk [album] complete with a rock opera about a bionic jellyfish." Okay now that's weird. I had to check this out.

It's actually pretty awesome. I really enjoyed the songs from Now We Are Kissed, from songs about finding his loved one in a bargain bin to an ode to leather pants.

Favorite New Record
Leather Pants

Here some stuff on his MySpace.

Buy his CDs here.

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