Monday, August 29, 2005

Tracy Greenwood

Alright alright I may have already posted about them but they are waaay worth another post.

Tracy + the Plastics is, contrary to the name, only one person not even named Tracy. Wynne Greenwood plays the parts of Tracy and the Plastics, Nikki and Cola. See, Tracy + the Plastics are one of those bands, you know, the artsy ones. Well at shows Greenwood performs on stage in front of a screen on which is projected her edited video of Nikki and Cola (who are, again, Greenwood) as her back-up band. I may have made it sound confusing but it really isn't.

I'm posting about them because now that I live in Utah I will have to rely on Salt Lake City as my salvation for shows. There are only a few venues from what I've seen that nationwide artists come through. One of them, Kilby Court, says Tracy + the Plastics are playing there on September 16th. I haven't been able to find any information to verify that but if you happen to be in the area I recommend you scope it out as a possible show.

Dawn Feather

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