Friday, August 05, 2005

Free MP3 Mix

Blargh I'm not feeling too well today so I'm gonna throw up some mp3's from various band/label sites. You shall dig.

Lion Fever-Everyone I Know is Getting Famous
Gossip-(Don't Make) Waves
The Kills-Black Rooster
Rogue Wave-10:1
Kind of Like Spitting-Passionate
The Velvet Teen-A Captive Audience
Oma Yang-No Backdoor to Heaven, Just a Front Door to Hell
Kissing Tiger-I Died in a Mall
Tracker-The Flurry (Pt 1)
Clampitt, Gaddis & Buck-High Lonesome Sound


Kristi Joy said...

feel better soon xx

Mallie said...

I've been loving that Kissing Tiger track for a while...thanks for posting it to let everyone else know how good it is.