Tuesday, August 09, 2005


So today I was going to do a little itty bitty post on local artists but I can't find any mp3's for any of the two good bands I've heard from around here.

I live in Tyler, TX and it's pretty much a cultural wasteland. There are several bands that play around here and gather a fanbase but most of them suck pretty hard. A lot of the bands describe themselves as "(blank)-core" from hardcore to grindcore to dancecore to cuddlecore (seriously it's that bad). But in the past month or so I've discovered a few good local bands that have a lot of potential to be something better. If they do get big, I think they'll both have to change their names.
The horribly uncomfortable thing about this is I know people in both of these bands so it feels like I'm whoring them, which I guess I am to some but I don't mean to.

Knifight is this one guy named John. He's really nice and has the Sam Beam Beard but doesn't sport Beam's style. Instead he takes on a drastically different persona. Hidden behind a laptop he creates a lot of weird beats and sounds. He once even played with my chemistry teacher. Anyway, one of his favorite things to do is to loop audio from movies and sort of distort it into something completely different. Visit his Myspace to hear some songs. I don't think he has a CD or anything but I see a lot of people around town wearing Knifight shirts.

This next band is a bit ridiculous. The Artful Dodger has been around for about a month and a half and have only played a few shows. My friend plays the cello for them. Yeah they have 12 people in the band. A lot of people have been ofling their success and everything, but I think they may just be a bit blinded by the fact that they can fit twelve people with their instruments on one stage and still sound good. And I don't think a lot of people have heard that kind of thing around here. I saw them play last weekend for a Muscular Dystrophy benefit. Everyone told me they sounded like Bright Eyes, but I found that sort of unfounded. I think it's the 12 people thing speaking to them. The singer's voice reminded me a lot of Damien Rice, ecept maybe a little more constrained and it isn't raised as much. The music actually Visit their MySpace to...look at pictures? They had a CD at the show but they only made 50 and they had to make a waiting list blah blah I hear the quality wasn't too good. They actually did a Knifight cover at the show. Cuddly huh? EDIT: They actually put up some mp3's on their MySpace so go listen to them. They sound pretty good.

Okay uhh this post is sorta crap because there's little to listen to and you'll probably never see these bands live unless you move here and I don't really recommend that.

I promise there'll be a better post later.

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