Monday, August 01, 2005

Gram Rabbit/Electrelane/Le Tigre @ Emo's, July 28

My sister was lucky enough to go see Le Tigre in Austin last week and she obliged to write out a review for me. For the most part it made me jealous but maybe it'll inspire some of you to go see them.

"Gram Rabbit's emblem with the bunny in the pentagram did nothing for me, but the crowd loved the bad 90's dance beats, numerous face masks/costumes, and the porn-starrish act? put on by the lead singer.

Emo's was hot, but anyone who's ever been there knows that. We were on the right of the stage, near a fan that was pointed to the middle, but I turned it to point towards us and the girls around us appreciated it.

Electrelane seemed happy at first until they realized just how hot it was under that roof. The singer even smiled a couple of times, which T don't believe I've seen in the 3 other times I've seen them. at the beginning there was this "sexy, sexy, sexy" wave sweeping thru the crowd after the first couple of songs...a couple of girls even sexually harrassed the bassist when she bent over. Don't know why women think it's acceptable for them to do. They passed out water to the crowd at the end of the set, which was very welcome. In between sets, there were a couple of girls that I had to help stumble over to the fan behind me, cause they were going to faint. I picked up half empty water bottles off the stage and ground to keep them hydrated. even when Le Tigre came on, they stayed over there.

The crowd was pushy, but not overly so...someone had brought confetti, which was thrown all over as soon as le tigre took the stage. One of the confetti makers asked Johanna to throw it and she matter-of-factly said no. It was in my hair, stuck to my face and every other patch of exposed skin that had previously been dripping with sweat. I think we left a ton in the rental car. Still, those girls were on...some technical difficulties in set-up, but no hitches in the set, except JD and Johanna laughing and forgetting a step or 2. Those girls really know how to put on a show. They're no spring chickens, you know...but being on stage and giving it all seems to keep them young. Everyone danced and sang was awesome."

Electrelane-The Partisan
Le Tigre-After Dark remix
Le Tigre-TKO

Tour dates:
August 1 Tulsa, OK - Caine's Ballroom
August 2 Lawrence, KS - Granada
August 4 Nashville, TN - The Exit Inn
August 5 Indianapolis, IN - Emerson Theatre
August 6 Cleveland, OH - Peabody's
August 7 Detroit, MI - St. Andrews
August 9 Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
August 10 Chicago, IL - The Vic

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