Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Big Fat Numbers

Yeah so everyone might just remember the Magic Numbers in a few years for being that band that walked off Top of the Pops because someone said they were fat. Even though I don't think that's what realent down. They're probably just really really sensitive and we all ought to be cautious of using certain discriminating adjectives 'round them.

Anyway it's a shame they got this publicity because that's the first time I decided to look into them. Yeah I know their album is Mercury nominated. That should've been enough to get me to even think about wanting to hear their music. Nope it's because they're quasi-divas. Okay that's mean. I forgive them for being sensitive because their music is quite decent.

Mornings Eleven
Love Me Like You
This Love (was I secretly hoping this was a cover of that awful Maroon 5 song? I don't think so)

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