Monday, August 15, 2005

Jeff Hanson

Some people find Jeff Hanson's voice disarming, alarming, putting-off, and generally girly. I know you've heard him by now, he seems to be the curious sideshow in the always happening indie world.

Well, Jeff Hanson does sing like a girl and I find it endearing. His second self-titled album was released earlier in the year on, you guessed it, Kill Rock Stars Records. His first album, Son was released a year or two ago. They're both very simple voice-and-guitar CDs but very melody driven. His voice takes the center stage of all songs due to it's uniqueness. He uses it to its greatest advantage and comes off as a talented songwriter a stone's throw away from the rest of that crowd.

Hiding Behind the Moon
Just Like Me
This Time It Will
Now We Know


Mallie said...

Nice post. You're right, it's kinda disturbing if you dwell too long on the fact that it is, in fact, a man singing. But we all imagine singers to look like what we hear (hard to explain, but true), so you can just imagine this guy as a hot indie chick if it makes it easier to stomach. Being a girl, it doesn't bother me that his voice is girly. Thanks again for the post. - Mallie

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