Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New and Fiery

Alright so I got ahold of the forthcoming Fiery Furnaces album Rehearsing My Choir and I gotta say it is definitely their weirdest yet. I knew I'd be wary of the grandmother factor but this one blew me away. Olga Santos, the Friedbergers' gradnmother, doesn't so much sing on the album as she talks over the music. I notice there's a lot less guitars on this album and a lot, a lot more piano/keyboard bits. There's even one bit that reminds me of the sounds at the beginning of The Unicorns' "I Don't Wanna Die."

Anyway I am sure that there will be another giant fight over the Furnaces: are they geniuses or just plain awful? After this one we may hear more of the latter.

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Sprock said...

hey, sprock here from the decemberists board i have seen your site surfing around...and its great!