Sunday, August 28, 2005

Le Buck 65

Yeah I know. White kids talkin about rapping. It's different though when the rapper's white too, right? I mean, people can obsess over Eminem so why can't I rave about a white Canadian rapper? Yeah don't worry I will.

Anyway I can't remember if I ever talked about Richard Terfry but I think he's amazing. His rap moniker is Buck 65 and he is indeed from Canada. I saw him at SXSW this last year opening for Saul Williams. It's just him and his turn table, a portable CD player and glitter in his pockets. He would use the glitter for an awing effect. It was great. His lyrics are amazing and uuhh yeah. Haha anyway he just had a CD come out at the end of June called Secret House Against the World. I haven't gotten it yet but I've found some mp3s from it and I like what I hear.

Roughouse Blues
Le 65 is Me
Devil's Eyes

Watch the video for "Kennedy Killed the Hat"


Kevin said...

You gotta get "This Right Here is Buck 65." The song "Wicked and Weird" is the shite.

Anonymous said...

yeah I heard 'em do Wicked and Weird at SXSW; a lot of people were requesting it. He played a new one that went something like "skeleton on fire, riding a motorcycle" over and over in the chorus. He's a hoot.