Friday, August 12, 2005

Minus The Bear

So a lot of people have already heard of Minus the Bear. I hadn't until I found out that they're going to be touring around with Thunderbirds Are Now! this fall. That caught my eye. And the fact that they have a new album Menos El Oso coming out soon. Sounds like the perfect time to dig into them, right? Yeah okay they have funny song titles and stuff which is always amusing but it's just plain good music and I like that. Here you go, including a couple from the new album.

The Game Needed Me
Drop it Like It's Hot
Just Kickin' it Like a Wild Donkey


Kristi Joy said...

man, Minus the Bear is terribly popular in the blogiverse this week. But I don't care, because you can never see too much MTB. Thanks!

Adi said...

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