Friday, October 27, 2006

If Yr Nasty

Pink Nasty (aka Austinite Sara Beck) is high on my list of need-ta/wanna see. She was invited to tour with Bonnie "Prince" Billy and is featured on his live album. He reciprocated with a duet on her new album Mold the Gold. Her brother is Black Nasty, who helps to co-write some of her songs. Black and Pink Nasty also sing love songs with another brother as The Kevins.

Somehow I missed her last time she was in town and down the street from my house. I'm hot on her trail and will be buying whatever she's selling. She's playing solo at Good Records on Saturday the 28th at 3pm.

01 Nov in Austin @ Flamingo Cantina (solo) w/The Shells/Madeline and Geoff Reacher
02 Nov in Austin @ The Parish w/Britt Daniel
03 Nov in NYC @ Mo Pitkins (solo) w/Wooden Wand and many others
11 Nov in Louisville @ The Pour House w/Speed To Roam

May It Always Be

Don't Ever Change (w/Will Oldham)

Away Message (video)


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