Thursday, November 16, 2006


Dear Tara Jane ONeil, Oh how I wish I had the funds to go see you in the OKC tonight! Tara Jane not only makes beautiful noise on her own, but has done as a part of Rodan and Retsin, not to mention lending her talents to friends like The King Cobra, Papa M, and The Naysayer. Her visual art is mindblowing and shouts at my soul. Go be her friend.

If by chance you are in Kansas City, Denver, or SLC, she'll be in your town within the week.

Tara Jane Oneil - Blue Light Room

Tara Jane ONeil - The Poisoned Mind

Tara Jane ONeil - Your Rats Are

To make up for all of my mistakes, I've uploaded the whole Nothin' But Girls compilation that my friend Matt made for me. Sorry there are no names or song titles, but he likes to keep me in the dark. So, if one of you figure any of it out, please give me a clue.

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