Monday, October 23, 2006


Erase Errata burst onto the music scene opening for the likes of Sleater-Kinney and Le Tigre. The jagged beats and bursts of trumpets made me instantly fall in love. Throw in that they're politically conscious and can out dance anyone, now that makes for a mean show. Their lineup has changed a bit. I do miss Sara Jaffe, then they threw in some guy, but now Jenny's back to singing and has taken on the guitar parts. They'll be playing at CMJ, but for right now are taking Europe by storm.

MON 23.10 Amsterdam NL @ Paradiso
TUES 24.10 Kortrijkt/Brussels B
WED 25.10 Paris F @ Point Ephemere
THUR 26.10 Milano I @ Magnolia
FRI 27.10 Barcelon ESP @ Apollo 2
SAT 28.10 Madrid ESP
SUN 29.10 Lyon F @ Le Sonic
MON 30.10 Brighton UK @ Pressure Point
WED 1.11 London @ Spitz

Nov 3-4 @ CMJ!

Sunday, November 12 @ Cafe DuNord, San Francisco w/ Clipd Beaks, Origami
Thursday, Nov 16 Canberra, AUS @ Transit Bar
Friday, Nov 17 Sydney, AUS @ Spectrum
Saturday, Nov 18 Melbourne, AUS @ East Brunswick Club
Monday, Nov 20 Perth, AUS @ The Rosemount Hotel
Wednesday, Nov 22 Adelaide, AUS @ Rocket Bar
Thursday, Nov 23 Brisbane, AUS @ Powerhouse part of LADYFEST!
Saturday, Nov 25 Wellington NZ
Sunday, Nov 26 Auckland NZ

Tax Dollar (video)

Tongue Tied


Alcuin Bramerton said...

What is Jenny Hoysten reading at the moment?

Fried Rice said...

hah, i just saw them yesterday. in hamburg. awesome!

Anonymous said...

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