Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Bow

The Scissor Sisters are playing Halloween to a sold out London crowd. Why do you care? Because you can see it for free tonight on Global Cool. By pledging to reduce your carbon emissions, you are treated to not only the show but pre-show-getting-ready-antics. Their costumes and live performance are not to miss on any old regular day. A special Halloween show should be phenominal.

side note:

We are still running the contest for 3 copies of The Changes album Today Is Tonight. Add your email addy here to be thrown into the hat. Contest ends on Nov 10th.

Scissor Sisters - Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand Cover)

Scissor Sisters - Skins (remixed)


Michael said...

That Take Me Out cover is great. Thanks for posting.

cc said...

glad you liked it as much as i did, michael. sad that i never got to see the 2 play together.

Gothy said...

Well, I saw them live at that performance and I can tell you that the webcast, amazing though it is, does it NO justice, having been severely edited with many of the verbal and musical highlights removed.
The live performance itself ranks as the best SS performance I have been to, or even seen!

virginia said...

When I listened to the Take Me Out cover for the first time, I thought you'd mixed up the link and posted a Billy Joel song instead. It was amazing.

cc said...

wow! good to hear that the show was even better live. they blew me away wehn i saw them and i only kinda knew who they were then.

joel, huh? that's a little scary.

Anonymous said...

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