Tuesday, November 14, 2006

You Say Party

This weekend I co-hosted a party with my friend DJ Boom. Okay, really he did most of the work having it at his house and spinning, but I swear I helped. His true love is 60's music and to convert me to his ways he made me a mix of girl groups. So many of the songs made famous by the 60's artists have been re-made by people today. Anyways, here's a super small taste of this fabulous era.

The Ronettes - Be My Baby

The Crystals - Then He Kissed Me

Gloria Jones - Tainted Love


sfenn said...

Two excellent songs. But the Ronettes is the wrong link. Thanks!

johngross said...

very good indeed.

cc said...

man, i suck. thanks for the heads up and the thanks. and i fixed the link, sorry =(

Anonymous said...

Will you post the track listing? I'd really like to get into this.

Buffer Low said...

Erm, "Then He Kissed Me" is by The Crystals.

cc said...

like i said...i suck...fixing it...thanks/sorry

zincink said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
zincink said...

this sounds so much better on 45..with the crunches cracks and pops..

great songs though :D

I wish I had the patience to load all the 45's onto the computer..ughhh!

Niy said...

good songs, thnx 4 helping me w/ my project! :)

Anonymous said...

The version you posted Then He Kissed Me is indeed a cover by the Ronettes:) It was written by Phil Spector, who was instrumental in both The Crystals and The Ronettes. (One of the 3 girls - Phil's former wife Ronnie Spector).

Merry Xmas:)

Anonymous said...

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