Thursday, November 02, 2006

Stripe Contours

Appears that the White Stripes are working on a new album. Jack has said that he's not picking favorites between the Stripes and The Raconteurs but is happy that he has the luxury of options for songwriting between the 2 bands. He may be 50/50, but I'm not. Truth be told, I just haven't listened to the Raconteurs' album straight through.

Also, Jack has written some avant-garde orchestral pieces. XL put together an ensemble of classical musicians to perform and record them. They are pressing only 3,333 cds and 999 Lps. Each cd and Lp will include artwork by Rob Jones. Preorder it Monday, November 6th from Aluminum.

White Stripes - Good To Me (b-side)

White Stripes - Lord Send Me An Angel (Blind Willie McTell cover)

Damien Rice - Seven Nation Army


Anonymous said...

erm...the raconteurs' album is called "broken boy soldiers", so i guess you haven't listened to it at all ;)

cc said...
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cc said...

Oops, bad fact checking. Please forgive me all.

but you're wrong, too. I have heard it. just don't own it to hear it front to back.

Anonymous said...

I wish Jack would go back to the Stripes, but not because I care to hear more Stripes.

Because it would free Brendan Benson up to do another solo record!

I wonder how Jack feels being the second-best songwriter in a band?

Anonymous said...

I think that Seven Nation Army cover may be mislabeled; it sounds a lot like Vyvienne Long, who covered it (on solo cello) on an Irish compilation, "Even Better than the Real Thing, vol. 2". This sounds like an alternate take, or something.

Vyvienne has a website, with a couple of versions of the song posted... unfortunately, the download link isn't working at the moment. It's here, for what that's worth:

Mags said...

Lisa Hannigan does alot of work with Damien Rice. I'm sure that's her singing.

Anonymous said...

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