Thursday, December 28, 2006

day 3

Day 3 (a little late in the day)brings you 3 little items. First is the UK import from Semifinalists. This full sounding 3 piece has been recommended if you like Flaming Lips or Secret Machines. They even made some top 10 lists this year.

I also have the KCRW Alive & Rare compilation and the Feist Mushaboom cd with a Postal Service remix, Knock Knock remix, and video.

Semifinalists-Show The Way

Semifinalists-You Said

If the prizes haven't done it for you yet, hopefully, I'll part with something you'll want. It's hard giving away you're own stuff.

p.s. Nick, you won day 2. Eenie meenie was all I needed for the 2 of you.


Anonymous said...

So, I thought we were supposed to reply with our e-mails to the original post..! Clearly I was mistaken! ..and so:


yorbacus said...

OOhhhh...KCRW! The Semifinalists was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Max said...

max dot goldblatt at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

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