Saturday, October 07, 2006

Yes Yes Yes

Sooo the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were phenomenal last night. Seeing them play two times in a year is pretty amazing for me, and I'm so glad I went. Their energy is so high, and Karen O just looks likes she's having the best time of her life everytime I see her on stage. Her smile is contagious. They played a lot of stuff off of Show Your Bones which plays out very well. My favorites were "Y Control" and "Turn Into." I took a lot of pictures, mostly of Karen. I got a new camera so I was trying to figure out the flash and modes and crap so a lot of them look terrible, but I think some are pretty darn good.
Here's my recap when I saw them in April in SLC.

Yeah Yeah Yeash-Shake It (Live)


Andrew Sherman said...

Great photos!

Anonymous said...


Gina said...

Those pictures are crazy good. I'm in love.

Baby said...

The pictures convince me that they tore it up. Thanks.

cheers, Baby

Anonymous said...

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