Sunday, October 15, 2006

Someone to Drive You

It's time to jump start the hype machine, because the Long Blondes' debut album Someone to Drive You Home is hitting the stores November 6th in the UK. Why the lack of publicity in the US? I doubt it'll be released here then but, c'mon, an import is just as good. And it's totally worth it on this one. Trust me.
The album doesn't disappoint. It may to some because the tracklist looks like all the singles and b-sides rearranged. There's a couple new songs, and most of the other tracks have been re-worked. But the songs sound fresh and upbeat, full of life and that 60's girl rock sound that made them famous.

The Long Blondes-Only Lovers Left Alive

The first single lifted from the album, the rollicking "Once and Never Again" will be released October 23rd on two different 7"s and maxi-CD. Preorder all three formats at
They're also touring the UK with the 1990's and Monkey Swallows the Universe.
01/10/2006 Norwich Arts Centre
02/10/2006 Stoke Sugarmill
04/10/2006 Manchester Academy 3
05/10/2006 Leeds Cockpit
07/10/2006 Newcastle Northumbria University
09/10/2006 Aberdeen Lemon Tree
10/10/2006 Glasgow Oran Mor
11/10/2006 Belfast Speak Easy
12/10/2006 Dublin Crawdaddy
13/10/2006 Liverpool University
15/10/2006 Oxford Zodiac
16/10/2006 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
17/10/2006 London Mean Fiddler
18/10/2006 Cambridge Junction
22/10/2006 Cardiff CF10 (university)
23/10/2006 Bristol Thelka
26/10/2006 Brighton Concorde 2
27/10/2006 Southampton Joiners
28/10/2006 Birmingham Carling Academy 2
29/10/2006 Sheffield Foundry

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