Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Case You Didn't Know

On Tuesday, Austin City Limits released a dvd of Neko Case's 2003 performance at their studio. It's a great way to experience Neko's banter, which I love. There's even an unreleased song called "Behind the House."

I also think it's great that New West is finally starting to put out dvds of some more recent artists' appearances from the classic program. It's great to put out country classics like Willie, Waylon, and Johnny, and I think Neko has a timeless voice, but I hope they continue to dig in the vaults and tap the younger market.

Get a taste of Neko live on David Letterman, then buy the dvd.

And if you buy her newest cd from Insound, you'll be entered to win a booklet signed by Neko.


cindy hotpoint said...

Oh crap. You can see me in the audience for like, most of that show. OMG!

cc said...

hahaha. that's hilarious. i'm hoping mike and i don't make the cut for the cat power dvd, assuming there is one.

what are you wearing and where are you (front, side)? and i mean in the video, silly. ha

Freudian Slip said...

I just picked up the new CD. It's good stuff!

Anonymous said...

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