Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New Releases-October 3rd

The Decemberists' The Crane Wife FINALLY hits stores today! It's been over a year since we got Picaresque and this is the band's first album on major label Capitol. Thankfully, Capitol gave the band artistic freedom enough to include a few epic songs and breezy pop songs too. Well, as pop as wordy folktalkes can be.

Listen to the whole album at MTVu.

The Killers' Sam's Town has gotten a lot of bad reviews. The band's departure from the Hot Fuss sound has a lot of people upset. I'm willing to give the album a try, since I've fallen for "When You Were Young" pretty hard. Sure the lyrics may be a little on the cheesy side, that synth line has me hoooked.
Find songs on The Hype Machine.

There's some other stuff out today buuut these are the two I've been looking forward to. Hold Steady, Mold Schteady.

Buy The Crane Wife & Sam's Town from Insound.


Anonymous said...

Read My Mind is my fav so far, brill brill brill

Anonymous said...

I haven't listened to the whole thing but what I have is a little more than disappointing. Will check it out!

Anonymous said...

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