Saturday, July 08, 2006

Tix Tix Tix

My day has been consumed with tickets. Had to get my tickets for what might possibly be the last Sleater-Kinney show in Portland. Also, picked up my tickets for 2 Sufjan Stevens/My Brightest Diamond dates at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, which just happen to be nights of the Austin City Limits Festival. He's not been confirmed as an artist for the fest, but he'd be a nice addition. I am more hoping that my friend Shara (of My Brightest Diamond) gets a slot at the festival.

Shara - "Brave Elephant" (w/previous band Awry)

Sufjan Stevens - "What Goes On" (from A Sun Came)

want to stand or sit next to mike & me?
Sufjan Stevens tix for the Paramount in Austin on Sept 15 & 16
Sleater-Kinney tix for last show at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland on Aug 11


Anonymous said...

is that katrina kerns?!

cc said...

katrina's also one of sufjan's bandmates, but shara is the one in front of her (in the pic). she's got her own band (My Brightest Diamond) with an album coming out on asthmatic kitty on aug 22nd.

Anonymous said...

katrina's additionally among sufjan's bandmates, but Cheap diablo 3 Goldshara may be the one in front connected with the woman's (inside the photo). she gets her music group (My personal Smartest Stone) with an cd coming out upon asthma suffering kittyGW2 Gold in aug 22nd.