Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sew Sorry

I know my blog has been kinda poopy lately. I got my hours at work heavily cut so I only work two days now. So I should have lots and lots of time to blog right? I don't know I've just kinda hit a slum. Bear with me! I think the whole blogosphere is kinda slowing down for the summer so I don't think I'm alone. I'll trrry and do better I promise.
Okay well I think you will like this! The Gossip always get me movin' so here is their cover of Aaliyah's (RIP) jam "Are U That Somebody" off their upcoming EP Gssp Rmx, which features three remixes of "Listen Up!" and one for "Standing in the Way of Control" redone by Le Tigre. And then there's this beauty.

The Gossip-Are U That Somebody (Aaliyah cover)


Species 8472 said...

I think you should concentrate on getting more hours/another job. That's more important than posting.

Come over here to Denmark, the economy's booming.

Good luck with it all anyway.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the support and advice, probably a good idea. denmark might be a little bit too drastic though.

stimmenimitator said...

a beauty indeed. thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

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ibaikalm808 said...

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