Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Holy Ghost Language School

I was pretty psyched when I heard Matthew Friedberger was working on a solo album, let alone TWO of them. Unlike Matt Skatterbrain, I had no qualms about Matt going solo. I was one of those fans who was like "Man! 'Sing for Me' is so awesome! Matt needs to sing more." He took me quite literally and axed Eleanor. Not forever I'm sure but it's nice to get everything he wants out there on his own. I'm glad he went and made two albums, Winter Women/Holy Ghost Language School for us. Thank you Matt. You are still amazing. I mean he was the brains behind the Fiery Furnaces anyway. Who likes girls anyway? Well I love Eleanor and will welcome her back anytime but for now I will thoroughly enjoy Matt's quirky tunes.

Here's a tune for free, courtesy of the albums' pimp, 859 Recordings.
Matthew Friedberger-Do You Like Blondes
Yes Matt, yes I do.

TOTALLY RELATED: Matt talks about buying records as a kid to Venus Magazine, from whom I stole the cut-in-half-Fiery-Furnaces promo pic.

+ Watch the trailer for The Science of Sleep, a movie I really wanted to see at Sundance but never made it to Sundance anyway even though it was an hour away. Talk about lazy...

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