Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mr. Postman

I've been waiting for an important piece of mail and the US Postal Service has been letting me down a lot. Pretty much every day. I blame you Ben Gibbard.

Pedro the Lion-Let Down (Radiohead cover)
I don't like Radiohead too much except OK Computer and like two songs off every other album. Get a better not-live version on PTL's 2004 Tour EP.

The Decemberists-From My Own True Love (Lost at Sea) (Demo)
This was originally on the PDX Pop Now! 2005 compilation but they later put it on the backside of the "16 Military Wives" 7". It has an extra verse that the version on Picaresque doesn't have. Collect them all!

Dreams of Horses Fun Fact: My senior year at school on Groundhog's Day I followed around a mailman all day.


^ said...


phil said...

could it be the all important mish call you're waiting on? lemme know where you're going if it is

Anonymous said...

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