Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I like the Hidden Cameras. Sometimes they sing inconherently to my ears and I have nooo idea but I can just listen to the strings and keyboards and it's pretty cool. Those are sort of the best parts of the band I think. Oh and the singer, Joel Gibb, has a strangely addictive high-pitched singing voice that usually speaks in disjointed phrases to the music. But they do it so dang well that I can't get enough of their new album Awoo.

The Hidden Cameras-Lollipop

When they played this song at SXSW, Joel lamented that they hadn't been able to pick up lollipops to give to the entire audience, so he told us to pretend like we'd all gotten one. The sugary goodness stuck to me ever since. GO SEE THEM LIVE if given the chance. You might get a lollipop, or get on stage and play tambourine, or just have an enjoyable time.

Awoo is out September 15th on Arts & Crafts Records.


Anonymous said...

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