Saturday, July 08, 2006

<3 summer

Magic Marker Records records are the best summer records. PERIOD. Enjoy and soak in the sun. I need some because I have a killer farmer tan.

WARNING: mix features lots of cute, winsome lyrics and handclaps.
Dear Nora-Since You Went Away
Boy Crazy-Stark Street
Kissing Book-Superman vs. Lloyd
Boat-Last Cans of Paint

All Girl Summer Fun Band-Grass Skirt
Tullycraft-Rumble with the Gang Debs
The Best Friends Group-The Free Man

Buy out all of their catalogue.

PS In case you haven't heard this yet, it's the best song I've heard all year. Spiiiine-tingling.
My Brightest Diamond-Golden Star

[/mbd love for a while...]


Species 8472 said...

The Grass Skirt link seems not to be working?

Anonymous said...

here is the grass skirts mp3 link...

Crash Calloway said...

Lovely songs that I never would hvae stumbled across in a million years without things like this blog. I've been doing some work with students on the ethics of online music, and the discussion of the hype machine that turns up on some blogs has been interesting there, but what the hype machine (which is very nice) will never give you is this sort of personal mixtape. Lovely, thank you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your kind words and sorry about the link!

Anonymous said...

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