Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Rakes Virgin Session

The Rakes did a radio session in March for Virgin Radio in the UK and played two songs acoustically. I was skeptical to hear them stripped down like that but was very surprised at how great they sound. So good. Still mad at them though for not hitting Texas on their US tour, though. In the interview, they talk about touring and their second album.

Virgin Session 03/03/06
All Too Human (acoustic)
Open Book (acoustic)

Many thanks to The Torture Garden who originally uploaded it. You can download all three tracks in a .zip file there, along with several other Rakes demos and new live/rare songs.

Catch them on their brief brief US tour if you can.
14.07.06Seattle (USA) - El Corazon (formerly Graceland) all ages show
15.07.06Portland (USA) - Berbati's Pan
16.07.06San Francisco (USA) - Great American Music Hall
17.07.06Los Angeles (USA) - Troubadour

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