Monday, March 17, 2008

Mea Culpa

Hello again,

If there is anyone still out there, who checks in from time to time, I must apologize. I have been out of touch with music in general for a while. Since Mike left, I have found no joy in music. I love music so much that if I can't discuss it with someone, I am lost. Mike and I would constantly have a back and forth of "Do you like this?" or "Have you heard this?" Without that sharing of music, I'd rather not listen.

On my ride home from sxsw, I was crying to Nirvana's "Lithium" that was playing on the radio. Good music can really move me, and I just miss having that person with whom I can share all of the good things that are out there.

Again, please forgive my lack of updates. I need to get back into it and have all of the good stuff picked out before Mike gets home. I plan on planting him in his room with all of the music and movies he's missed over the past couple of years.

Right now, I'm loading all of my pics from my memory cards, so I will have a sxsw update sooon.

Most Sincerely,


Jo said...

this makes me so sad. own brother gets home from his mission this week and i've got a new ipod for him all filled up and ready to shove into his ears first thing.

cc said...

aww...lucky you...i have to wait for mike until the end of october, but i am glad i am not alone.

thanks for that and for sticking around

Jamie said...

I check this blog every week hoping for an update..! :)

I like it a lot.

(PS - Please listen: Maegan said...

um, unless mine eyes are playing tricks on me, that's the biggest pug I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

while i dont check this blog that regularly, im never disappointed with what you've posted cc!
i also am anxiously awaiting mike's arrival. his taste in music is impeccable, and he always gave me great new bands to try out. october is getting closer!
love and peace to you.

Anonymous said...

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