Monday, April 30, 2007

YYYs' Spidey Sense

As a buyer, I was wondering why I should bring the new Spiderman 3 soundtrack into my stores. So, I started reading through the tracklisting, Snow Patrol (ok), The Killers (ok), Yeah Yeah Yeahs (sold).

Record Collection knows how to put a soundtrack together with all new songs from Snow Patrol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jet, The Flaming Lips, Wolfmother, The Walkmen, The Killers and more. The soundtrack even has a website. See the full track listing here.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-"Sealings"

The Flaming Lips-"Supreme Being Teaches Spider-Man How to Be in Love"


Matthew said...

It's not really a soundtrack though, is it, when they do this. It's more a compilation album designed to act solely as a marketing tool. I bet you never hear most of these tracks in the movie. This sort of thing gets my goat a little.

Anonymous said...

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