Monday, May 07, 2007

New Blanche-y

I was introduced to Blanche by an old Motor City boss I used to have. You may know them as friends of Jack White or the backing band for Loretta Lynn. Well, they're back with another album called Little Amber Bottles. It'll be released late this month oversees. No mention of it on their site yet.

"If our first album was about life throwing you in a
ditch and thinking about why these horribly sad
things happen, I guess this one is about pulling
yourself out of that ditch", says Dan John Miller of
Blanche's second LP Little Amber Bottles.

No Matter Where You Go (feat. Isobel Campbell on cello)

Little Amber Bottles


Matthew said...

I might be the only person I know who both liked their first album and is looking forward to the new one. I saw them support the White Stripes in London about three or four years ago and they really were good live, so hopefully there'll be an album-related tour as well.

action said...

indeed. i hope we're not the only ones. they're great live and on record.

Anonymous said...

There new one has leaked

Anonymous said...

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