Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ms. Wright

Shannon Wright is set to release her fourth album with Quarterstick titled Let in the Light on May 8. With Andy Baker, who also produced Dyed in the Wool, she's created another fully emotive album. Let in the Light is softer but no less affecting. She has a way of pulling out all of those feelings you've pushed way down deep.

"There’s an intensity to her music that can move you to joy, tears, or terror. Such an honest portrayal of emotion leaves you wondering if you are actually meant to hear it, almost as if you stumbled upon a sibling’s diary and can’t help but read it--even though you know you shouldn’t."

Much like Cat Power, Joanna Newsom, and Tara Jane O'Neil, she'll be playing at Dirty Three's curated All Tomorrow's Parties in April. Her live show is intense and not to be missed. Hopefully, she'll fully tour for this album.

Defy This Love (from Let in the Light)

Black Little Stray (from Over the Sun)

Less Than a Moment (from Dyed in the Wool)


Anonymous said...

"There’s an intensity to her music that can move you to joy, tears, or terror."
Tout est dit dans ces quelques mots. Sa musique me remue de l'intérieur, me parle et me bouleverse, tout simplement. Shannon wright est une grande artiste, hors du temps, elle ne répond à aucun critère, aucune mode, elle est elle même, sans concession, rare.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dreams of Horses,

Thanks for featuring our artists and their music, we really appreciate it. We also fully support yours and other sites posting certain Touch and Go / Quarterstick tracks on the web, however, we have not made "Defy this Love" available as a promotional MP3 at this time. Please remove it ASAP. Our pages at Toolshed maintain a list of tracks and other assets that can be posted promotionally here:

Touch and Go -
Quarterstick -

Thank you for consideration and understanding,

Touch and Go / Quarterstick Records

Anonymous said...

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