Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Just in case you didn't listen to Matt, Dodge, and Chris, and for some reason you'd only believe it when I said it (haha) you should most definitely check out Bishop Allen's new Sufjanic undertaking. They're planning on releasing an EP on the last day of every month until they release their second album, the follow-up to the brilliantly poppy Charm School. You can download a track from the EP, "Corazon," from any one of the three blogs mentioned at the top of this post.

Buy the EP here (it's limited to 1,000 copies! Act quick!)
Also, coincidental? All three of those excellent bloggers are running a contest that can win you a limited edition Belle and Sebastian CD.

ALSO: I just put in blogads. Sooo if you want to advertise on my site, click the link under BlogAds on the right! I'd appreciate it.

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Matt said...

I loooooove Bishop Allen! Great post :)