Monday, January 30, 2006


An awfully deceiving name, Deadboy and Elephantmen consists of guitarist/singer Dax Riggs and drummer Tessie Brunet (though they do have other play with them on tour). Riggs was in some metal band called Acid Bath in the 90's that sounds really awful. Why am I talking about him then? Well he's changed his ways pretty much.
Deadboy sounds kind've like...I have no idea really what to compare it against. But I like this track from their upcoming album We Are Night Sky. I think maybe they kind've sound like David Bowie fronting the Hold Steady. Which is nice because I hate Hold Steady singer's voice.
Oh and the real reason I looked into them is because they're touring with the Fiery Furnaces. I thought maybe they'd be wacky and electric but they're more rock.

How Long the Night

Check their tour dates here, many with the Friedberger Family Singers.

Other stuff:
People are going crazy over the Raconteurs. I think it's okay but I'm not gonna go nuts. If you want to hear for yourself, I Guess I'm Floating has the hook-up. Jack White's still crazy.

I'll forgive Chris for going nuts for the Racs because today he posted on siren Mariss Nadler. Man that girl can sing.

Kill Rock Stars is going to pwn 2006.

Download Laura Veirs' and Colin Meloy's solo shows from Saturday. At the very end, Colin did a beautiful cover of Jackson Frank's "Blues Run the Game."

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