Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Light Footwork

Matt over at YANP first posted on The Light Footwork a few weeks ago, triggering quite a bit of attention in the blogosphere (he tends to do that).

I didn't think much of them at first, didn't download any of the mp3s. Today I got an e-mail from a friend of the band which included their entire upcoming album, One State Two State. I thought, wow, that's good marketing. So after a couple listens I think I feel confident enough to write about it. I still can't comprehend who they sound like, but does that really matter? The album is a joyous run-through of pop-rock refreshing after so many pop-rock bands have come and gone. One State Two State is filled with plenty of chorus-driven songs with funny and clever lyrics that would all be marketable. Their website's discography page has a couple songs to download (which happen to be a couple of the best from the album). Buy the album when it comes out December 6th.


Matt said...

Love, love, love this band :)

Good post!

jerry yeti said...

The four tracks I've heard are good, but that's the best on the album?

Then again, I'm always the disident and liked the White Album for gems like "Piggies".

Anonymous said...

yeah well..my actualy favorite favorite is Exit Row buut these were easier to put up. And Coastlines is a good song.

Dodge said...

Solid. I liked 'Exit Row' too, thus I chose it to feature!

Anonymous said...

my favorite is pirate karate.