Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Not Actually Arctic

I've seen a few blogs mention The Arctic Monkeys but I never really took much notice. I thought they were a nice enough band. My sister says she got their CD and I think she likes it. She asked me if I'd heard of them and so I went back and found the mp3's I'd downloaded and sure enough, they started growing on me more.

I hope you know by know I'm horrible at explaining the style of a band or their history or anything. Pretty much I think that if I throw up a picture and some mp3s you will have faith in me to download the mp3s and love the bands that sing them. Am I right? I hope so. Oh, would it help to tell you that they're signed to Domino Records (yes that Franz FerdinandSonsandDaughters Domino Records)
Alsooo I know about 823 billion people took part in Gorilla Vs. Bear's Death Cab for Cutie contest aaaand I'm going to have a contest soon as soon as I can come up with some good contest thing. No it's not copying. No it's not. No. Stop it.

When the Sun Goes Down
A Certain Romance
Mardy Bum
I Bet You Look Good on That Dancefloor


Kristi Joy said...

LMAO I do the same thing! Throw in a picture and hope that people will have faith in my good taste. I suck at describing music, wayyyy worse than you do. That's why I post so much music, because that way I won't have to put in as much text.

Anonymous said...

You might to try and track down 'Fake Tales Of San Fransisco'. It's what we call round these parts a 'banger!!!!!!!!!!'

Samantha. said...

I posted a comment to you in my blog thing where you commented, but I figured, I wouldn't know if you'd check there so I thought I'd let you know it's cool and all that, I mean it was something I overreacted to because its been a long stresssssing day. But I wanted to thank you anyway,
THANKS SO MUCH. For mentioning me. I appreciate it. You are awesome. *refffraiiiinnnn from using emoticon*

Anonymous said...

not sure if you realise but When the Sun Goes Down is actually the same track as Scummy. They are one and the same! They just renamed it from Scummy to When the Sun Goes Down for release!


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