Saturday, June 04, 2005

Sons, Daughters, Nieces, and Nephews of Starving Wolves

Gorilla vs. Bear has some new dirt on Iron and Wine's mini-LP split with Calexico, He Lays in Reigns (due out in fall this year on Overcoat Recordings) including some songs that will be on the LP when they were demos and a few live. Check 'em out. They're not spectacular, but they say they'll be heavily worked on and added upon.

I'm sure you've all heard about the new Mrs. Jack White. She's a model, but she's one of those scary models. She creeps me out. Apparently she was in the band's Blue Orchid video.
Speaking of Blue Orchid, here's the B-sides to the single that was released this Tuesday:
White Stripes-Though I Hear You Calling I Will Not Answer
White Stripes-Who's a Big Baby
They're uhh....different.

You Ain't Now Picasso always has up great stuff. You should always check him out for new good music and plenty of download-worthy bootlegs.

MTV has the video for Bright Eyes' new single Easy/Lucky/Free . As everyone knows, he and the Faint are currently on tour in support of Digital Ash in a Digital Urn. They will be Pied Piping all indie kids to Grand Prairie tomorrow night and I may be going or I might now. Also tromping through Dallas this week:

Sunday-Crystal Skulls/Headphones @ Dan's Silverleaf (Denton)
Monday-Ted Leo/Pharmacists/The Oranges Band/The Fall Collection @ Gypsy Tea Room
Thursday - Bloc Party/She Wants Revenge/Kiss Me Deadly @ Gypsy Tea Room
OR Of Montreal/Tilly & the Wall/Ten Tin Feet @ Rubber Gloves

Wolf Parade

Wolf Parade has quickly become one of my new favorite bands. They have put out a few EPs, I think one is out of print. One 6-song EP has recently been making the rounds on mp3 blogs.

This is a 4-song EP that is now out of print. (.ZIP format)
01 Modern World (I already posted this song a couple days ago)
02 Wits or a Dagger
03 Secret Knives
04 Dinner Bells

This EP along with some other songs from the 6-song EP and a live unreleased song can be streamed here.
They have yet another EP coming out July 12th and then a full-length, Apologies to the Queen Mary on September 27th on Sub Pop. An Interview with Wolf Parade (courtesy of The Montreal Mirror). They have also contributed a Frog Eyes cover for June's edition of Believer Magazine.

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