Tuesday, June 07, 2005

From Russia With Franz @ the B2 Club

(Image by Natalie Ourazmetova)

FranzFerdinand.net reports on Franz's Russian tour and the development of the band's sophomore effort.

Better yet, they posted five new songs that the boys played on the tour (follow links):
Robert Anderson is Christ
Evil and a Heathen
I'm Your Villain
You Can Have It So Much Better
What You Meant

Also, some other Franz sophomore album hopefuls:
This Boy Live at ACL
Your Diary Live at ACL
Well That Was Easy Live on Radio 1
Walk Away (acoustic)

Rock Snob has a blurb about Alex Kapranos being a Russian spy.

In non-Franz news, Gorilla Vs. bear has the Arcade Fire track available on the new Six Feet Under compilation.

The link between the Franz and the Fire? T on the Fringe, which brings to mind the Franz fanz petition for the return of the fringe.

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Matt said...

thanks for the new live Franz stuff...i've been wanting to hear some.