Friday, June 24, 2005

Attention: It Is Now Friday Night (in the U.S)

Alright since I never go out anywhere uhhh here's some great mash-ups and remixes I've gotten lately. Follow all the links to download.

Gwen Stefani-Hollaback Girl (Diplo remix) (c/o G v. B, sorry 'bout your Pistons)
DFA 1979-BLood on Our Hands (Justice remix)
Interpol-Slow Hands (Britt Daniels [of Spoon] remix)
NIN-Hand that Feeds (DFA remix) I bet I've already posted this..doesn't hurt to do it again.
Le Tigre vs. Missy Elliot-Deceptafreak (if anyone has the DFA remix of "Deceptacon," I'd appreciate it)
M.I.A vs. the Rapture-Jealous Bucky

And here's another great song:
Stereo Total-I am Naked

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